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Naughty Lyanna

About me:

My name is DWR, and I'm a 3D artist and game developer. I'm currently developing Naughty Lyanna, my first visual novel.

The game tells the story of Lyanna, and is focused on situations in which she always ends up losing her clothes, resulting in embarrassing and sometimes very hot scenes between her and her friends.

Expect a lot of public nudity, ENF, and things like that, in a lighthearted visual novel.
Help Lyanna and her friends decide how she will go through her sexy adventures.

The game is free, but please, if you enjoyed, consider
supporting me on patreon. It helps me a lot and encourages me to make this and other projects bigger and better.

The game is released for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.

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Naughty Lyanna Wallpaper 01 - Naked on the streets


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