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Devian's Corner

Game Developer, 3D Artist, Proofreader, and more

Devian's is a friend who is always helping with the Naughty Lyanna project. He is a 3d artist and have provided more than 100 unique assets that are being used on the game. He is also developing his own game, This page aims to show some of his work and share links to some Honey Select mods he has already made. Use the links below to learn more about his projects.

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  • Discord
  • Patreon
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Honey Select Mods

Cage Bed BDSM Set

Cage Bed

Cage Bed to keep your waifus safe! It includes a collection with the bowl, padlock and keys as separated items. Full rigged.

HerShe's Chocolate Bar

Every girl likes chocolate. HerShe's comes to make your waifus happy. In addition to the box, there are detailed contents and versions with bite marks to enrich your scene.

HoPro Max

A portable camera so your waifus can film all their adventures in the smallest details. HoPro is modular, using the render editor you can hide and change parts to customize your scene.

Office Supplies

A complete collection of Office Supplies. These props can compose your scene well. It has pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener, paperclip, sticky notes, file folders, mousepads, ruler, and more.

Bonds of Blood

007 (472).png

Devian's game is called "Bonds of Blood". You may have already noticed that in the Naughty Lyanna universe, this is a vampire movie franchise that girls are always talking about. If you want to see the original project, check out his Patreon. There will be more news there soon.

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